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The advantages of Buckaroo PayperEmail

✓ Save money on the invoicing and collecting process
✓ Easily digitalize the invoicing process
✓ Convenient method of payment leads to quicker payments
✓ Fully customizable to suit your company branding
✓ Safety guaranteed due to Buckaroo's security standard

✓ Multilingual templates
✓ Extensive reports
✓ High ease of use for your client
✓ You can choose your desired payment methods

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Send digital payment requests with Buckaroo PayperEmail

Simplify your invoicing process and get paid more quickly
Quickly and easily send digital payment requests and let your clients pay by e-mail? Buckaroo’s payment solution makes this possible. Via a digital payment request you can ask your clients to pay in a friendly manner. By clicking the payment link or button your clients can instantly pay within the secure payment environment of Buckaroo. The e-mail and payment screens automatically adapt to the device on which the digital payment request is opened. The e-mail is easily customizable to suit your company branding. Providing optimal design of the PayperEmail, your invoice will be paid up to 50% more quickly.

Complete payment and choose from over 20 payment methods
Your clients are able to effortlessly complete their payment in their received e-mail with several payment methods such as IDEAL, PayPal and credit cards. Which payment options you offer is entirely up to you, but Buckaroo is always ready to give advice. Enabling your clients to pay using their preferred method of payment, makes PayperEmail very user-friendly and flexible.

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Easily digitize your billing process. 
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Employable for every scenario

The employability of PayperEmail is very versatile. Leading online shops and call centers use this product for certain actions like orders by phone. Also, charities and telecom companies have digitalised their invoicing or donation processes this way.

It is possible to send the (customized) payment request via the Buckaroo mail server, via your own company’s mail server or to import and add the payment button to your existing means of communication towards your clients. Buckaroo’s templates are available in a multitude of languages so you can better reach your international clients. Sending the invoice in the email’s attachment, or adding the invoice specifications in the e-mail is all included in the standard package. The same applies to automatically sending payment confirmations to the clients after you receive their payment.

Save substantial money on invoicing and collection costs

Aside from saving costs by digitalizing the invoicing process, costs can also be reduced by automatizing e-mails and follow-ups which in turn will reduce the amount of manual labour. With Buckaroo’s Credit Management solution, Buckaroo can practically take charge of your debtor management, which will reduce workload on that department, and ultimately improve your cash flow. Additionally, it’s a very pleasant payment experience for you client, which will improve customer satisfaction.

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