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The advantages of Point of Sale

✓ Expand your assortment
✓ Never tell your clients ‘no’ again
✓ The client can always be assisted
✓ Clear and simple implementation

✓ It’s possible to use multiple methods of payment
✓ Multiple sales channels in one: online shop, kiosk, mobile device
✓ POS terminal payments are included in your transaction summary
✓ Satisfied customers thanks to optimal in-store service

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Sell your entire (online) assortment directly in your store

This is made possible by Buckaroo’s and Atos Worldline’s POS-solution. The Point of Sale was developed to sell certain products that you might not have in stock, but can be delivered via the online store. In short, should the desired size, colour or edition of a certain product not be in stock, your clients will still be able to purchase them in your physical store. This means you’ll never have to say ‘no’ to you customers again. This solution will improve conversion and increase turnover. The POS fits the multichannel sales approach like a glove and ensures that the customer journey of the client is the focus of attention regardless of time, location or sales channel.

Point of Sale oplossing

What does the POS-solution change for you as retailer?

With the POS-solution you expand your assortment of your physical store with all items from the online store. Is the product that the client desires not available in the right colour? Then the client will still be able to purchase the desired product at your POS-terminal, located in your physical store, with a credit or debit card. After that the product is delivered to the

client’s home as quickly as possible or the client will pick it up in your store. This unifies both sales channels, providing optimal service for your customers. This expansion of the assortment will generate additional turnover. On top of that, it makes sure the consumer has a consistent shopping experience which will increase his satisfaction and loyalty.

What does the Point of Sale mean for your customers?

Today’s consumer doesn’t think in terms of sales channels anymore, but moves through the entire supply effortlessly. The POS-module adapts to this perfectly and will offer the consumers many advantages. He is no longer restricted by the chosen sales channel since the online shop and physical stores both use the same stock. In the knowledge that the desired product is ordered and will be delivered shortly or can be picked up from the store, the customers will leave your store satisfied and at ease. The invoice will already be completed at the POS-terminal.

What’s the technical impact?

The POS-terminal is provided to you by Buckaroo in cooperation with Atos Worldline. It enables your clients to order and pay for products from the online store in your physical store. Are you already a client of Buckaroo? Then the technical impact will be minimal and you will have access to insight in your transactions. New clients can also implement the POS-solution quickly: Buckaroo offers good guidance at the implementation. Get started now with the POS-solution / Webshop Instore payments.

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Do you want to offer your online collection in you fysical stores? 
With the Point-of-Sale solution this has been realized quickly. 

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