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The advantages of Subscription Services

✓ Fully automatic invoicing process for subscriptions
✓ Reports on customer-level
✓ Keep track of who has which subscriptions
✓ Makes and sends invoices via e-mail

✓ Registers invoices at Credit Management
✓ Notifies about late payments
✓ Select the payment methods that fit you
✓ Mails fully customizable to suit company style

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Buckaroo Subscription Services

Effectively automate the invoicing, collecting, and follow up of your subscribers’ payments? Buckaroo offers you the unique solution Buckaroo Subscription Services. This solution was developed in answer to the increasing desire of companies to automate manual, time consuming processes regarding processing periodic payments.

Buckaroo has identified that current processes for the completion of subscription related payments still occur in a manual and traditional, and unnecessarily time consuming manner. Additionally, there is often room for improvement on how customer friendly and easily new subscribers can subscribe or existing subscribers can end their subscription.

Thorough solution for your subscriptions

With the Buckaroo Subscription Services module you can take care of the financial management for your subscriptions in a convenient, automated manner. The collection, the invoicing and the credit control are all taken care of by Buckaroo. Thanks to the automation of these processes, Buckaroo is able to provide you with great benefits, such as direct online authentication of your new subscriber, reduced costs of invoicing procedures thanks to digital invoicing, correct adjustment to the target group, and automatized follow ups of amounts due via e-mail, SMS message or letter. It’s also possible to directly connect the BSS module with your financial records, CRM or other back-end applications.

Our contracts with Subscription Services
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Buckaroo Tailor Made contract

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